Internship with Sony at NAB 2015


I am thrilled to announce I will be a part of the Sony NAB 2015 Student Experience Program in Las Vegas next week. It is an honor to represent Sony at the media and production industry’s premier event.

If you’ll be at NAB, stop by the Sony booth and say hi. I’ll be in the Event Production area with Sony’s MCS-8M.


The MCS-8M is Sony’s compact AV mixing switcher. Here are a few videos describing the product.



Experimenting with Andrew Kramer’s Element 3D this morning.

Goal is to create an object with text next to it, repeat 6 times, and animate a camera from the first “station” to the last using Sure Target.

Step 1 was pretty easy. For the first time, I used the environment from E3D instead of creating my own. For now I’m using one of the defaults (studio blurred).

It’s a very clean, beautiful look when the environment map of the 3D object matches the…environment. Duh. Previous projects haven’t required that, so I’m definitely liking this new look.

Why the 2013 Broncos Aren’t That Great

Peyton Manning

FOX, CBS, and ESPN have been spoon-feeding a lot of Manning and Broncos hype this entire season.

I’m unpopular for making that claim, but I welcome you to disprove it.

I acknowledge the Broncos have done what they’ve had to do to win. Can’t take that away from them.

They’ve been a good team. They just haven’t been great.

The Broncos aren’t great?!

The problem with buying into the 2013 Broncos as one of the greats of this season, or for all of time for that matter, is that

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Two Questions Every Engaged Couple Should Ask Themselves

James and LaJoie

After many years of friendship and a year and a half of dating, I asked my best friend, LaJoie Jewel, if she would marry me. Since she nodded her head and said, “Yes,” I think that means we’re stuck together for life! And I don’t mind one bit.

The proposal was wonderful, magical, epic, and all of those other words that translate to, “You can’t get this feeling any other way.” It was an incredible, life-changing, never-ever-ever going to forget kind of day. I highly recommend it.

Now that I’m 23 days into the engagement phase of my life, I am passing on some questions every engaged couple should be asking themselves.

Are we more excited about the wedding day, or the marriage?

I told my fiancée I want our wedding day to be special for her. And I do. This should be one of the top 3 most extravagant days of her life. I cannot wait to see her and her sparkling blonde hair walk down the aisle toward me.

But there’s this little thing called

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