How to replace the Microsoft To Do App Icon on macOS

All of Microsoft's app icons for macOS Monterey follow Apple's design guidelines...except for one. Here's how to fix it.

How to replace the Microsoft To Do App Icon on macOS

I recently started using a new MacBook Pro with macOS Monterey as my daily driver. All of the app icons from Apple, Adobe, and Microsoft resemble iOS icons (squares with gigantic rounded corners).

All except for one: the Microsoft To Do app for macOS.

Because of MS To Do's integration with Planner and Teams, I use it all the time and need to keep it in the dock.

But my OCD hated having one icon different than the rest.

So here's a guide to update it if you're an Apple fanboy (or are just a digital neat-freak like me).

  1. Save this image to your Mac

2. Open the file in Preview

3. Select all (Cmd + A). You should see the "marching ants" around the entire image.

4. Copy it (Cmd + C)

5. Open Finder

6. Go to Applications (Shift + Cmd + A)

7. Second guess yourself on why you go through the trouble of all this just for a stupid icon

8. Remind yourself that this is for the greater good.

9. Find the Microsoft To Do app

10. Right click, and hit Get Info

11. Click on the icon. (A blue glow will appear underneath)

12.  Paste (Cmd + V). You might have to enter your password.

13. The icon is updated. Restart the app if it was open.

14. See a therapist about your OCD